Marty Smuin, Arturo’s newest board member, currently serves as the COO of Weave Communications, a publicly traded company focusing on small and medium business; Marty also served as the Co-CEO. 

With more than 25 years of management experience focusing primarily on go-to-market strategy and execution, including business and corporate development, sales and marketing, operations and support, Marty will bring a wealth of wisdom and perspective to shaping Arturo’s trajectory. 

His industry experience ranges from wireless telecommunications, storage management and application software, super computing, aerospace, media and ecommerce. Much of Marty’s experience has been gleaned in the international business arena, amassing considerable experience in opening, and expanding market share throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific regions. Marty has also worked extensively with start-ups from concept to exit and has helped raise tens of millions of dollars from angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity firms. 

Arturo’s Chief Marketing Officer Anita Tulsiani sat down with Marty to talk about his background, Arturo’s mission, and what the future holds in the proptech industry.

Anita: Why did you decide to join Arturo’s board of directors?

Marty: Well, I believe in the technology, and I know that it’s just at the early stages of adoption. That said, my primary decision to join the board was driven by the technology platform, the markets we are addressing and the senior leadership. Arturo is providing technology that dramatically improves the digital experience, reduces costs and improves accuracy across the board…proptech, insurtech or fintech. There is incredible opportunity in advancing technological solutions in image analysis; advanced visual AI is an application that benefits so many industries. 

Anita: What about Arturo’s mission excites you?

Marty: Everything. I firmly believe that the more you know, the more you can know. Arturo’s deep learning platform provides real time knowledge and analysis critical for so many industries. 

Anita: You previously worked around artificial intelligence in the aerospace and defense industry. How does that experience translate? 

Marty: Yeah, I have a bit of experience in this world and have long been an AI enthusiast. I’ve learned the hard way that ML and AI are critical elements for automation and that human involvement just slows the process. We know that we’re moving into, as well as creating, a world in which information and data is being produced at an exponential rate. The platform that brings structure to all of this chaos is going to win. Look, at the end of the day, it’s all about using structured data to drive better decisions and outcomes, and to me, that is what AI is all about. 

Anita: And you’ve also co-founded a company. Does that help give perspective on moving from startup to scale-up? 

Marty: For sure. I’ve actually founded a few companies, and the lessons learned have been incredibly valuable, especially the mistakes I’ve made. Scale is all about structure, and structure just doesn’t happen. I’ve learned that the captain of the ship really does matter, and that’s where I place my bet. I’ve also learned that relentless prioritization, measuring what matters and executing on the game plan are the three pillars that are foundational for scale and for success. 

Anita: What are you most excited about for Arturo’s future?

Marty: The thing I’m most excited about is that Arturo’s journey is just beginning. We are so well positioned with such a powerful platform…it’s ours to take.