On-demand Property Assessment

Arbiter from Arturo is a web-based underwriting and claims solution that guarantees accurate property reports delivered on-demand, when and where you need it. With an intuitive interface and customizable reporting, Arbiter’s digital property assessment tools power efficient and cost-effective decisions across the insurance lifecycle.

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At A Glance

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Satellite, stratospheric, aerial and street-level imagery.


Unique Property

Rich and deep property, structural and predictive attributes for each assessment.

On-Demand Property

Configurable property reports delivered in seconds


Temporal property analytics that drive up-to-date insights.

Feedback Loops &
Deep Learning

Clients provide feedback per interaction which powers enhancements to our deep learning data models.


A simplistic and tailored web interface.

Arbiter helps Insurance Carriers
work smarter, not harder

Arbiter solves the perpetual data imagery problem that Insurance Carriers face in the marketplace today with poor resolution, data inaccuracy, data currency and gaps in coverage. Arbiter processes data on-demand and provides critical property insights within seconds, driving comprehensive efficiencies:

  • Increase claims accuracy with the most current and extensive global imagery
  • Reduce costs and claims processing times with retroactive and temporal property insights
  • Understand preconditions and manage and triage catastrophic events within seconds
  • Retain customers with digital assessments and on-demand, configurable reports

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